What People are Saying


“WATCH takes the confusion and awkwardness out of finding a babysitting job.”

— Iya M., Harvard College Student

“Babysitting is a great term-time job! The WATCH portal is a great model for connecting sitters and families.”

— Madelyn F., Harvard College Student

"The web portal is equally useful for those on the other side of the equation, providing an easy and efficient way to reach a large pool of sitters—no more frantic last-minute phone calls!"

— Iya M., Harvard College Student

“I am interested in babysitting, but I like the idea of having my search be less anonymous. I feel I can trust people affiliated with the university.”

— Cara L., Sponsored child of Harvard Faculty

“As a student, I need to organize my babysitting around class and semester schedule, so I am glad to be able to focus on the academic community.”

— Ben R., Harvard Graduate Student

“This promises to be a great resource – whether a student is looking for a one-time or semester-long commitment.”

— Dan S., Harvard Graduate Student


"Finding a babysitter who fits our schedule/location/children and who we are completely comfortable with can be a major challenge."

— Matt K., Harvard staff member

“Excellent idea! Such a convenient and supportive service for the Harvard community! Thanks for making it happen!”

— Maureen H., Harvard staff member

"Having organized access to willing and qualified Harvard students is a phenomenal idea."

— Y. Pang, Harvard staff member

“As a graduate student, it makes very good sense to swap care with other graduate students. This feature makes sense for our community.”

— Maike B., Harvard Graduate Student

“I am looking for a bright and energetic sitter – what better place to start than with Harvard’s own students?”

— Anon., Harvard Faculty

“I am eager to find a local babysitter, and this site will make it easier to connect with students who are right here on campus.”

— Jeff V., Harvard Postdoctoral Fellow

“Large sitter sites can feel anonymous and overwhelming. It’s reassuring to use a service where everyone is connected through the university.”

— Amy W., Harvard staff member

"My teen wants to babysit. I want to meet local Harvard parents. A local Harvard parent wants a sitter. Her kid wants a sitter who’s fun. The portal has one entry point, four positive returns. Fabulous!"

— Nancy C., Harvard Staff

"What I love about this is that in a time where we clearly cannot throw money at problems, this addresses a perennial issue with a cheap, community-based solution!"

— Elena K., Harvard Faculty