Student Provider Resources

Babysitting resume

Whether you tailor an existing resume, use a customizable form, or summarize your experience in an email, you should be sure to mention your babysitting experience, childcare and safety training, and either provide or be prepared to provide references. The Red Cross has an example of a customizable resume form on page 18 of their free guide, the American Red Cross Babysitter's Training Handbook.

Health and safety training

Actively preparing for babysitting jobs will make you a more qualified sitter and may make you more marketable. In addition to its Babysitter’s Training Handbook, the American Red Cross offers Babysitting and Child Care Training, including first aid and CPR, both online and in classroom-based courses. also offers a list of resources and ideas for finding babysitting training.

Background checks

Not all parents will request a full background check, but some may wish to do so. Background checks generally include a search for criminal convictions (in Massachusetts, this is known as a Criminal Offender Record Information, or CORI check), verification of the basic facts of your education (dates of attendance, degrees earned, etc.), and a driving history. It may also include a check on your credit history. You will be asked to provide your name and several previous addresses, as well as your social security number. A potential employer will use an agency to conduct a background check, and must get your permission to do so in writing. You can read frequently asked questions about CORI here.

Getting started in a babysitting job

Two-way communication between a sitter and parents is critical to a successful working relationship. Before you accept a job, parents should make clear whether you are expected to prepare meals, do the dishes, or any other non-child care chores. Parents should always provide you with a list of emergency phone numbers and basic information about their children’s personalities, habits and schedule. The American Red Cross offers sitters a comprehensive Family Interview Form which provides questions that can guide sitters as they discuss expectations with parents.