Connecting members of the Harvard community through Child and family care, Tutoring, and Odd Jobs.

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The Portal will allow members of the Harvard community to offer and procure services. Parents can create and post jobs, search for caregivers, and save their favorite caregivers to their personal profile. Caregivers can create a personal profile, post a resume and search for jobs based on a variety of attributes

It is only for Harvard faculty, students, and staff, as well as high school and college students who live with faculty and staff.

What People are Saying

“I am looking for a bright and energetic sitter – what better place to start than with Harvard’s own students?”

— Anon., Harvard Faculty

“Excellent idea! Such a convenient and supportive service for the Harvard community! Thanks for making it happen!”

— Maureen H., Harvard staff member

Current Stats

  • 2365 active users
  • 550 job seekers registered to respond to job postings
  • 77 active job seekers looking to be matched
  • 155 total jobs
  • 1 job posted in the last week
  • 85 jobs available in Cambridge